Tuesday, June 22, 2010

what we can do

What we can do!

It is quite undebatable that the most dynamic part of any society is the youth. The basic or the trigger of prosperity should be associated with young generation. Therefore, the role of this population is very significant to initiate and to carry on a new fresh beginning of a development. As the part that has been able to have an access to a great opportunity for education, the young people must set a good example of cultivated generation. The role is to emancipate themselves and the whole society from illiteracy. To do so, they must change their social stereotype, inject the enthusiasm, and they are supposedly to use different sources to enlighten their people.

Every society has a kind of stereotype about young people. They are considered to be the most infallible and irresponsible people. The idea might be rational or groundless, but what is important is to change it. They should first start altering themselves and looking positively to their surrounding world. Secondly, they have to carry voluntarily the burden of any attempt for a real change. Because the change is not something occurring over night, the stereotype would change gradually.

Providing the enthusiasm is another potential role of young people. It is widely known that enthusiasm is the first thing to account for a change. From here, it would be very important for those people who are very dynamic to inject a change and friendly competitions between themselves. The attitude would extend to every part of the society and it would set an example of a good community.

Finally, the use of different sources at hand to enlighten is another young people obligatory duty. They are bound to benefit from every means to deliver the message of the necessity to change and to build a new constructive society. The use of all tools to convey the message would enable the young people to interact with every one with his own favorable and accessible means.

The need for a change entails the question which is self-imposing for the time being: what can we do? The call must be preceded by a premeditated analysis to detect our ability.

Saturday, June 5, 2010